Welcome to Afya Imara Healthcare Services

we provide all your healthcare needs in your area of comfort

What We Offer

Out-Patient Services

We have a clinic that offers a variety of services. Come to our facility and get the help you need today.

home based care

Home Based Care

We bring our services directly to your house, be it simple routine care or care of the critically ill. We are there for you.

Education Services

we offer a wide range of education services as we believe health education is key to sucessful health outcomes.

At Afya Imara, we are driven by the belief that health is a journey, not a destination. We aspire to be the catalyst for positive change in the lives of the individuals and communities we serve

Are you felling unwell and need to get to the bottom of it? Get a consultation at our clinic.

Has your loved one recently fallen ill ? Do you need a helping hand in providing them care at home? Are you confused about the diagnosis made and the way forward? We can help you. Reach out to us.

Are your staff in need of knowledge refreshment in a certain health topics? Is there an outbreak in your community that people seem misinformed about? Do you need to understand a new health condition you are facing or have encountered? We are here to educate you.

What Clients Say About Us

Brian Sang BsN Registered Nurse

My team and i was able to gain and refresh our knowledge on how to take care of dementia patients. Thank you Afya Imara for the lovely session.

Joy Mwangi Horticultural Farmer

I was able to understand my mums condition and how to take care of her. She is now in the best condition she has been in years.

Stacie Owino Cosmetologist at Mwangis Beauty Parlor

My daughter was able to get her intravenous medication administered at home while she was sick. The nurse was friendly, I highly recommend their services.

Joseph Nyangau Community Health Volunteer

I received great service at your clinic. The staff were kind and considerate.

General FAQs

Yes, for outpatient services only. we accept NHIF, Madison, Old Mutal and Britam 

No, we only offer outpatient services in our clinic and home visitations.

No, we select the nurse we see as most suitable to your needs and incase of any complaints we will review and sent a new one where applicable. 

Yes we do, this is done depending on where you reside and the amount ordered.

We accept Mpesa, Cash and Active insurance cards.