About Us

Our Story

We are a startup health care focused company that began in December 2023. 

Three Bachelor of Science in Nursing graduates post internship realized that most people get frustrated in accessing healthcare services in their areas of comfort and also there are limited resources that provide extensive education and plan of care for the sick especially in non-medical personal home caregivers . 

The CEO also experienced difficulty finding a suitable nurse to take care of their grandfather who is a diabetic post Covid-19 infection. This is how Afya Imara came to existence.

 We hope to help you have an easy time getting  access to health services at your area of comfort whether at home, your area of work or our clinic. We also want people to be knowledgeable about common health conditions and the condition of their loved ones and how to best care for them.


Our Founders

The team that had an idea and worked hard to make it a reality

Juliet Nyanchama

Managing Director/CEO

Lydia Ndiritu

Managing Partner

Insurance Companies We Work With